Wiggles Wet Food For Dogs

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You shouldn’t be the ​only one eating healthy

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Standard Dog Foods Fall Short

Most commercial pet foods offer convenience but compromise on freshness and ​quality. These products often contain:

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Meals and Fillers

Low-quality meat meals and ​fillers can compromise your ​pet's health.

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100% Chicken

Misleading Labels

Claims like "made with chicken" ​that mask the true nature of the ​ingredients.

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Harmful preservatives to ​prolong shelf life, which can be ​detrimental.

The Risks to Your Pet's Health Inferior pet food can lead to

  • Decreased Vitality
  • Dull Coats and Skin Problems

  • Poor Digestive Health
  • Increased Health Risks and Vet Visits

Your pet deserves the same quality of food that you expect for yourself

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Real chicken #1 ingredient

Maintains whole food and nutritional integrity

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Human-Grade Ingredients

Only the freshest, top-quality chicken and vegetables.

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Vet Approved Formula

Developed to exceed industry standards for nutrition.

Preservatives Free

No Preservatives

Food with natural ingredients, delivered right to your door

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What Sets Wiggles Wet Food Apart

A Complete and Balanced Meal That Nourishes

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Fussy Eaters LOVE Wet


Irresistible smell and taste ​with no leftovers.

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Good Food = Good Looks

Full of nutrients and ​antioxidants for visible ​health benefits.

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Easy on the Tummy

Easy to eat and digest, ​perfect for sensitive ​stomachs.


Goodness You Can See and Trust:

Ingredient Integrity:

We use real chicken, not chicken meal, mixed with ​nutritious vegetables like pumpkin, carrots, and peas, ​along with potent herbs like ashwagandha and ​moringa.

Nutritional Benefits:

    • Bone & Joint Health: Enhanced with glucosamine and ​essential minerals.
    • Skin & Coat: Omega fatty acids ensure a shiny coat and ​healthy skin.

Digestive Wellbeing: Fiber-rich vegetables and herbs ​support a robust digestive system.

Stringent Quality Control:

Human Safety Standards: Each batch meets the ​highest quality standards for human consumption.

Proven Impact: Over 30 million meals served, enhancing ​pet health nationwide.


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Loved by over 800,000+ Pets


"Clean Bowled!"

"After switching to Wiggles, Max's ​energy levels have soared, and his ​coat has never been shinier! It's ​amazing what a difference real, ​dog food makes." - Nitesh S.

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"Finally, Food That My Dog ​Loves"

"Bella has always been picky, but ​she can't wait for mealtime now. ​Thank you, Wiggles, for making ​mealtime exciting and healthy!" - ​Samruddhi J.

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"A Lifesaver for Sensitive ​Stomachs"

"Our vet recommended Wiggles ​due to its natural composition, and ​it's completely resolved Charlie's ​digestive issues. Plus, he loves the ​taste!" - Ashwin V.

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Wiggles wet food for dogs

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1000+ reviews

Wiggles Wet Food for dogs is a complete and balanced meal for your pet. It is made with fresh chicken, vegetables like pumpkin, carrot and peas & packed with herbs like ashwagandha, moringa, brahmi, rosemary and chicory root extract. It is a wholesome diet containing essential vitamins and minerals. Most importantly it is vet approved.

Human Grade

Vet Approved

100% Fresh Ingredients

Pack of 48

Pack of 12

Pack of 24



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1. What ingredients are used in Wiggles Wet Food?

Wiggles Wet Food is made with fresh chicken, vegetables like pumpkin, carrot, and peas, and beneficial herbs such as ashwagandha and moringa. We ​ensure all ingredients are human-grade and vet-approved for optimal nutritional benefits.

2. Is Wiggles Wet Food suitable for all ages of dogs?

Yes, our wet food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of puppies, adults, and senior dogs. The feeding guidelines vary based on the age and ​weight of the dog to ensure they receive the right amount of nutrition.

3. How often should I feed my dog Wiggles Wet Food?

The frequency of feeding can depend on your dog’s age, activity level, and health. Generally, puppies should be fed more frequently than adult dogs. ​We recommend consulting the feeding guide on our packaging or your veterinarian for a feeding schedule tailored to your pet’s specific needs.

4. Can Wiggles Wet Food replace dry food entirely?

Yes, Wiggles Wet Food is a complete and balanced meal and can replace dry food entirely. It provides all the necessary nutrients your dog needs. ​However, some pet owners choose to mix wet and dry food to provide variety in texture and flavor.

5. How should I store Wiggles Wet Food?

Unopened pouches of Wiggles Wet Food should be stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened, refrigerate the food and consume within 24 hours to ​ensure freshness and safety.

6. Are there any preservatives or artificial additives in Wiggles Wet Food?

No, Wiggles Wet Food does not contain any preservatives or artificial additives. We use fresh, natural ingredients and a quick retort process to lock in ​nutrients and flavor, maintaining the food’s integrity without the need for preservatives.

7. What are the benefits of switching to Wiggles Wet Food?

Pets feeding on Wiggles Wet Food often experience improved hydration, better digestion, increased energy, a shinier coat, and overall better health ​due to the high-quality, nutrient-rich ingredients. It’s also highly palatable, making it a great choice for fussy eaters.

8. How can I transition my dog to Wiggles Wet Food?

To transition your dog to Wiggles Wet Food, gradually mix it with their current food over a period of 7-10 days, increasing the proportion of Wiggles ​Wet Food gradually until it completely replaces the old diet. This helps prevent digestive upset and allows your dog to adjust to the new food.