Bonded By Blood

“Wiggles has always believed in going the extra mile to ensure that our pets are well cared for. Every step forward is in line with our vision to improve quality of life. #BondedByBlood is our effort to save lives and strengthen our bond with this ever-growing community.
We have had first-hand experiences with helpless pet parents in search of a suitable pet blood donor. Many times, a life is lost due to prolonged time spent in this search for the right donor. #BondedByBlood will help save time and connect pet parents across the country with eligible pet blood donors.
We earnestly urge pet parents across India to enlist their pet as a donor if they are eligible to donate blood. With #BondedByBlood we hope to empower pet parents, bring about a real change and continue to create a difference by taking India’s pet care ecosystem to newer heights.”
Your registration will help a pet and save their life when a pet requires blood during emergency! Registration is absolutely free!

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