Wiggles, Our Mascot Shares His New Year Resolutions For 2022

Wiggles, Our Mascot Shares His New Year Resolutions For 2022 - Wiggles.in

Hey, hoomans! It’s been a while since I took to the writer’s desk and ran my paws through the keyboard. You see, it’s been a busy year at the Wiggles HQ, looking cute at my Mumma’s photoshoots, keeping the hoomans’ spirits high, cheering hoomans for all their achievements; there’s only so much a dog can do right? But now that this zoomie-full year is ending, I have decided to take a step back to relax and talk to you guys! 

I sniffed around and found out that all you hoomans are making new year resolutions. See, I’m not very old and wise but mom says I’m a smart pupper and that is how I know that none of you will keep your resolutions. Heh, heh! I bet the gyms will be empty by 2nd January again. So, to make sure you keep up with your resolutions, I am setting some new year resolutions for myself too!


Happy New Year everyone!

Numero uno (How do I know Spanish? I once met a beautiful pupperino from Spain, she taught me a few words). 

Look cute when hooman is stressed: You hoomans worry too much. About taxes and money which is essentially just paper and paper isn’t even that tasty. Trust me, I learned that the hard way. But since you all are so stressed, I promise to look extra cute, lay on my back, give more kisses and cuddles so you stay worry-free, always. 

Numero dos (Is that how you write two in Spanish?)

Make hooman exercise: Every year you hoomans decide to exercise but become lazy and then call us pets lazy? Double standards…I say…tsk tsk. To make sure my mom wakes up to exercise, my resolution is to jump on her bed the minute she hits snooze. If that doesn’t work, the next step would be her expensive sneakers getting ready for a makeover by me, that ought to give her a jumpy scare right? 

Numero tres? 

Boop-dial hooman’s family: My grandmom i.e hooman’s mom keeps asking hooman to keep in touch. But hooman is all about that hustle. I’m not complaining, she has got to make that dough because I have expensive taste. But, I like my grandmom more than treats so I guess I’ll just boop-dial her by mistake and that way hooman will get to talk to her parents more often! 

Number 4 (I lost count, I’m just a dog!) 

Get myself a girlfuriend: So there’s this really pretty pomeranian, Gina, who lives next door. I want to talk to her so bad but whenever I see her, I forget I can bark too. So this year I’m going to finally talk to her. The plan is to use puppy eyes to work my charm on Gina. I have been told I am irresistible when I work the magic through my sparkling eyes. I am sure in 2022, I will finally have a pawtner for wife, oops life! ;)

Do I look handsome enough? 

Number 5 

Remind hooman to wear masks: So, suddenly all hoomans think that they are pandemic-free and don’t need to take precautions anymore. Well, I’m a dog, and I still know you need to take care of yourself! To make sure all hoomans wear masks I might just fart in the room, it always makes people cover their noses and mouths. Who knew being naughty can get your hooman to be nice.  

My hooman’s life is tough, I know that. So I’ve decided to make some resolutions that’ll help hooman take better care of me too! 

When I’m smelly, give hooman more kisses:

I express my love in a lot of ways. So when my hooman has to be reminded about my grooming I shall give her more kisses and cuddles. That way she’ll notice I need some much-needed spa time. Or better still, we can just go together for a spa session and get the much needed oil massages. I have sniffed my hooman’s exhaustion so many times, I know she needs one too.

I hope next year brings happiness in abundance for everyone!

Set reminders for vaccination & deworming:

Hooman can be really busy on most days. Not complaining, more money = more treats for me. But, whilst she’s busy she can miss out on my vaccination and deworming schedules. But my handsome sibling Rico, the German Shepherd, told me about this cool reminder system that Wiggles.in has. It lets pet parents know about their pet’s upcoming vaccination and deworming date, guess who is signing up for that? Me! And you should too!

Send my little sister to school: 

Okay, so my little sister Ginny has been in the family since last year but hasn’t gone to school as yet! This year I’m making sure that she learns table manners, some tricks and how to walk with the leash. How am I going to do that? Simple - call +91 8431620000. If I can write a blog, I can make phone calls too!

Switch hooman’s tabs to Wiggles.in blogs so she can learn more about taking care of me: 

Did you know that my paws are actually pretty tech-savvy? No? Well, you should’ve guessed because I wrote this whole blog! It is important to keep up to date with the latest pet-care tips and knowledge. Wiggles.in blogs are always helpful to pet parents. So whenever my hooman needs some upskilling, a magical window on pet care will appear on her screen.

Come join my tribe: 

  1. And while you do everything for your hooman, don’t forget to ask them to hop on to the Wiggles Tribe group on Facebook. Just like me, there are so many doggos and cattos who get help instantly from our pawmazing vets. This way, your hooman will not get worried when you get minor boo-boos. And there are also fun contests and giveaways that you can participate in! Bring your paw to this link and tap-tap to join today.

PHEW! That’s a lot of resolutions to keep for 365 days! Wish me luck and I’ll see you next year! :p 

Happy 2022 folks!


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