Wiggles.in’s #BondedByBlood Our CSR Initiative

Wiggles.in’s #BondedByBlood Our CSR Initiative - Wiggles.in


Last year, our in-house veterinarians tried searching for a blood donor for a puppy named Drogo (a German Shepherd) who was suffering from tick fever and was on the verge of death. The search was fueled with challenges and Drogo finally found a match in Rico, one of the Wiggles’ mascots and was saved in time. This gave birth to the #BondedByBlood initiative by Wiggles.in. 

Running from pillar to post looking for a blood donor for an ailing pet and drawing a blank, makes one’s blood boil. Based on a survey conducted by Team Wiggles in July 2021, 51% of pet parents are unaware that pets have a blood group, only 2% of pets have donated blood and 42% of pet parents don’t know that pets can donate blood. Grim statistics make one realize the lack of know-how pet parents have about blood donation in pets.

And that’s how we set into motion the initiative of creating an online repository of pet parents across the country to help a paw in need through our CSR-based #BondedByBlood Initiative. If a pet needs blood, we will provide the lead. All that a pet parent needs to do is sign their pet as a donor or a recipient via a google form and upload a blood test report along with a few details about the pet and themselves. A slew of vet experts, volunteers and pet empaths from our team will go through the requirements and help find the closest match. Conversations with a lot of pet parents have brought into focus the sheer need of this initiative and we have all hands-on board. We are all set to take the first step by launching an online social media campaign to draw eyeballs to the plight of pet lives lost due to the unavailability of blood and spread awareness by busting myths.

Anushka Iyer, our Founder & CEO, says, “Here’s your chance to do what doctors do and save a pet’s life by signing your pet as a donor! The #BondedByBlood initiative is our way to show that we are there for your pets through everything. There is a lot of ambiguity when it comes to blood donation in pets. We are here to bust the myths and make sure a donor is available when needed. We are relentless when it comes to saving a pet’s life and we will go above and beyond. She concludes by saying,” After all, if we value human lives, the lives of pets are no different.”

Team Wiggles is positive #BondedByBlood initiative will be a boon to pet parents and hopes to save as many lives that are in need of blood. 

To know more about blood donation in pets, please head to our blog. We’ve also busted some myths surrounding blood donation to relieve pet parents from the stress due to prevailing misconceptions like lack of knowledge about blood groups in dogs & cats.

Register now - https://bit.ly/BBBDonorRegistration

About us 

Wiggles.in is a leading D2C petcare brand in the preventive healthcare space for pets with a range of products and services on offer. With pets taking prime focus in every Indian household, Wiggles.in is all set to create an online repository of pets who are eligible to donate blood to their counterparts in times of medical emergencies and making it accessible to pet parents Pan-India.