Why is Work from Home super fun with a furry co-worker?

Why is Work from Home super fun with a furry co-worker? - Wiggles.in
As a working professional, there must have been a few times when you wanted to work from home because your furry baby was feeling blue? But you obviously couldn't have given this excuse to your boss unless he was a pet parent himself and would understand. Oh how the tables have turned! We are sure your pets have not stopped grinning from head to tail about the recent turn of events aka the coronavirus led lockdown.

Now, don’t they just love to hang out with you while you are at it, i.e working from home. Here are a few things which you may have experienced while the world was going on a lockdown, starting with the first day:

1. Day 1 of Work from Home - Happy State for your furball and you

Those head tilts said it all. Did my hooman just not go to work? Is he going to be here all day? I can’t stop adoring my hooman for this huge sacrifice of bunking work and staying back just to hang with me. While you thought, wow is this for real? Did God just make my wish come true of working from home? Meanwhile, the whole world calculated this move.

2. Day 2 came with learning to do his business discreetly

Your pet was all plonked on your makeshift office desk at home and giving you the eyeroll for not waking up on time and taking him to do his business. But on second thoughts you realized, that now is the time that he learns to do it in the house. A few hits and misses but he finally learnt and even managed to cover his spot with imaginary mud just so to hide the deed done. Ofcourse, you had to stack up all the indoor plant pots, because ahem!

3. Day 3 came with a lot of flurry trying to type with one hand

You learned you could multi-task and also thought of turning ambidextrous (aka Virus from 3 Idiots), but here’s the twist, just so you could pet and cuddle him at the same time. You also realized that getting fur on your home clothes is no fuss as your boss is not there to see it.

4. Day 4 came with a much needed break of playing tug while working

Your eyes started straining, your pet acted extra needy, you had work deadlines staring you in your face and yet those few crazy minutes with your pet saved you from a mini breakdown. You went down on all fours with your cute pooch, who loved the idea of his hooman doing the extra drama!

5. Day 5 made you and your pet a mini celebrity on the office social media account

The HR asked you to post a picture of your ‘Work From Home’ - you sent the one with your pooch looking over your reports. Your picture was the one that went viral on the office grapevine. Your real co-workers started asking about your furry cutie and checking up with you twice in a day, just in case he needed anything. In other words your pet just got the whole office to fall in love with him.

6. Day 6 got your pet and you enjoying meals together

Your pet actually played the part of your office co-worker and had his meal with you. It's another thing that he wanted to lick off your meal too and then went overboard with licking you all over your face. But you were no one to complain right, because which co-worker would actually give you his undivided attention without trying to boast about himself in the bargain.

7. Day 7 just made you take a step back and re-evaluate

Your pawsome dude helped you read each and every report and email twice before pressing send, because of course he wanted to hog all your attention. While doing this you realized the dozens of typos and numerical errors that he saved you from.

8. Day 8 was absolute bliss because it was a holiday 

You were so engrossed in work and you didn’t see the days pass you by and woke up as usual ready to give it your best shot at work. You were rewarded with a sturdy whack of his tail and playing under the bed sheet covers.

9. Day 9 would have made Jane Fonda proud

What with all the exercise that you and your pet put in trying to ensure that he still remains sane as he cannot go for those really long walks. Also, your yoga asanas went out of the window, because your poodle thought you were trying to look for mice, or maybe frogs. While getting out of the house, you thought of putting the mask on him but then realized the WHO directive that as of now, pets have not been known to spread the virus. You did breathe a sigh of relief, because how could anyone so cute and adorable create such universal chaos. You still remained aware and only took him for a short walk around the block, but alas, he didn’t get to sniff the butts of his usual furry friends. But yes, he did bark at the ambulance that zoomed past him with sirens blaring.

At that point it hit you that, yes the world has gone astray, yes your pets are the most vulnerable but even if every third person you meet can’t stop talking about the virus, your pet is the only one that makes you forget all about it, makes you laugh and be happy. Isn’t that the best way to stay healthy, by laughing more and not being scared to be really funny at this crazy hour. The lockdown continues, you know it's for the best for everyone to be safe. There will be more days spent working with your pet and you might probably pen it somewhere or the other but at the back of your mind, you will always know that it was your pet who made the vibes less tense, got your family to laugh over a video call and it was your pet who helped in making friends with that really sweet co-worker at your office.