Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Why Do Cats Eat Grass? - Wiggles.in

Let’s face it, our cats do a lot of weird things. One of them is eating grass. Cat parents have long wondered why their cats would eat grass only to throw it up later. Or when they don’t throw up, do they like eating grass? Or is it safe for their cat to eat grass? 

Our vets have answered all these questions and more! Let’s get straight into the details of why your cat would gulp grass. 

Dr. Dilip Sonune, Director of Veterinary Services at Wiggles says, “There is a myth in the pet parent community that a cat would only eat grass when they want to puke or are not feeling well. But that is not always the case. A cat can eat grass for multiple reasons.” 




Cats eat grass for many reasons

“Cats eating grass is generally not a cause for concern. However you must visit your veterinarian if your cat eats too much grass and/or throws up every time after eating grass”, he adds. 

Here are 4 reasons why your cat could be eating grass: 

To add health benefits 

Grass juice is rich in folic acid. Folic acid is a vitamin that increases the oxygen levels in your cat’s blood and supports your cat’s growth. If your cat is often munching on grass, they could be trying to meet a dietary requirement and are looking for a boost of vitamins. 

To ease their bowel movements 

A cat’s digestive tract is likely to get clogged by fur, small feathers, bones, etc. These obstructions could interfere with their bowel movement. While broad grasses have a laxative effect that can help your cat regulate their bowel movements, narrow grasses help a cat settle their upset stomach. 

To induce vomiting/relieve upset stomach 

Cats do not possess the necessary enzymes needed to digest grass. So when your cat eats grass, they are doing so intentionally so that they can eventually throw up. In the process of throwing up, cats also clear out any fur, feathers, parasites or bones that irritate their digestive system. 

When your cat eats grass to induce vomiting, they will regulate the amount by themselves. If the grass near your house is treated with pesticides or other chemicals, it is best to keep your cat away from it. Vets recommend investing in cat grass that is easily available in the market these days and avoid letting your cat chew on grass treated with chemicals. 




Ensure the grass your cat eats is chemical and pesticide-free 

They might just enjoy it 

Some experts believe that some cats just like the texture, odor and palatability of grass, and hence grazing behavior is quite normal in cats. 

When should you see the vet? 

As mentioned above, cats eating grass is normal but you should see the vet if your cat is: 

  • Eating grass every day 
  • Eating very large amounts of grass 
  • Throwing up every time after eating grass 

To avoid frequent cases of upset stomach and maintain the overall health of your cat, invest in cat food that is rich in probiotics that are good for their gut. 

If you cannot visit the vet opt for a video consultation with our expert vets who can help you and your cat in the comfort of your home. For anything else, we are always just a call away +91 98431620000. 

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*Disclaimer: This blog is vet-approved and includes original content which is compiled after thorough research and authenticity by our in-house team of vets and content experts. It is always advisable to consult a veterinarian before you try any products, pet food/treats or any kind of treatment/medicines on your pets, as each pet is unique and will respond differently