What if cats ruled the world?

What if cats ruled the world? - Wiggles.in

Spoiler alert !!  (They already do)


Cats have always fascinated us from day one. We have always been curious to know what goes through their minds. We humans have been worshiping cats for over 4000 years now. Ever since the traditional Egyptians were on the scene, fur babies around the world were domesticated as pets and brought in together as our own. From our perspective, we think that cats have already taken over the world secretly but shush, don't tell anyone. Since they haven’t actually done anything to instill their mark, let us sit back and think what they would do if they took over the world.

We all know that cats love to sleep. Imagine a world where it is compulsory for everyone to sleep for 12 hours minimum. Although no matter how many hours of sleep cats and us humans get, it will never be enough.. Hehe! Cats would make great leaders. They would allow everyone to scratch and bite without facing consequences. We are already preparing food for our cats, making their bed, preparing their place to pee and then cleaning it after they are done with it and also looking after them. Honestly, if some aliens were watching us from above, they would already think that cats are ruling the world.

Cats just love warm places, so it wouldn't be surprising if they conquered it first. They would gain control over places like laptops, beds, heaters, warm pillows and the fireplaces would be considered as cat-only zones. As we all know, cats hate water. They would stop the tradition of taking a bath completely. 

White cat monument is the Kuching South City Council Cat Statue. Sarawak Malaysia. this monument is a landmark for Kuching city and a popular photo spot with locals and tourists.

Imagine living in a place filled with massive statues of cats. That would be epic. The design of doors all over the nation would be changed so that the cats have no problem while entering from anywhere. So, no banning or locking of any cat from any room. Cats would have complete freedom of speech and no one would be able to complain about them meowing all day. Cats will finally get a well-managed place to pee and have a lot of human helpers who would take excellent care of them. Bathrooms would be off limits for everybody and only cats would be allowed to pee in there. We are pretty sure that cats would make their humans build huge pyramids with all their wealth inside them, just so that they could go and pee inside. Wait a minute! Didn't they do that already?

Worldwide currency as we know it would be of no use. All forms of  money would be eradicated and rubber band balls would be the only form of monetary exchange. So we suggest that you stock up on rubber bands soon.

Cyber laws in the nation of cats would be strengthened. All videos of cats doing dumb things would be taken down and anyone who tries to take photos or videos of cats doing dumb things would face lifetime imprisonment in cat jail. “Our honourable cats would not comply with this behaviour! “

Humans would have to spend years trying to teach cats how to use their technology.

Cats would have difficulties in trying to video call their friends and boy oh boy we would love to hear their meowy conversation.

But all things considered, cats have a special way of bonding with humans. They appreciate what you do for them but don't show it directly. Cats are complex creatures that live a very simple but commanding life.

Being in a world fully controlled by cats might sound like the perfect get go for many pet lovers but what do you think might happen to all the dogs? 

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