Ulti-MUTT Pool Party Checklist

Ulti-MUTT Pool Party Checklist - Wiggles.in

Whether you’re hosting a pool party for your pup in your garden, terrace, balcony

or visiting your local dog swimming pool, make sure

you check off the items on this list for the

most amazing pool party for pets! 


  1. Call some cool friends

What’s a pool party without some friends?

So call up your hooman and doggo friends and

set up a pool party!

If you can’t do that, call up your

local pet swimming pool

and ask them 

if they’d be ready to host one.


  1. Round up playtime essentials

Throw in some of your pet’s favorite toys in

the pool or carry them

with you when going out for a swim. You can

never go wrong with a tennis ball

or a light ball that floats. Toys will keep your

dog entertained and make them

want to splash around the pool a little longer. 


  1. Carry fun floats 

Fun floaties are a must-have! Flat surface floats

will be great for you

and your furry guests to play with,

relax on or get some

adorable pictures for your social media.

However, if any of your

furry friends are biters, the plastic floaties may

burst and not be such a great idea. 


  1. Water, to drink 

Surely, your dog will stay cool when they’re inside the

pool but they get a little exhausted and tired after

their swimming session.

So, keep plenty of fresh water around and if you’re

taking them out for a swim,

don’t forget to carry a water bottle for your pet! 


  1. Ensure your dog doesn't eat an hour

before swimming

Remember when our parents would tell us to

wait a while before

we jumped in the pool after a meal? The same

applies to our dogs as well!

Dogs need some time to digest their food before

they go swimming.

Hence, if your dog has eaten, you must wait for

an hour before

your dog goes inside the water. 


  1. Carry an emergency kit 

Always keep their medicines and

emergency kit handy.

The kit should include medicines for vomiting

and upset stomach,

a wound healing spray and gauze. It is also

advisable to keep

the nearest vet’s number handy as well. 





Wiggles.in Emergency Kit consists

of all essential

 medicines needed in an emergency. 


Alternatively, you can visit a dog swimming

pool that is

equipped with lifeguards and vets to ensure

your pet’s swimming

experience is safe and happy. 


  1. There’s no party without treats 

If you’re hosting a pool party, you can lay out some

treats for your furry guests. Sliced cucumbers,

watermelon ice cubes,

pet-friendly cookies or biscuits. Apart from that,

whip up some easy drinks for the furry guests to

keep them hydrated.

You can also carry some treats if you’re going

out to swim,

they’ll help to keep them distracted on the way

and will be loved

after their dip in the pool. 



Cocotail Healthy Drink for Pets is the perfect 

summer drink! 



 Barkstix™ Honey Chicken   



                                                        Barkstix™ Berry Blast 


  1. Post swimming, grooming is a must! 

Once your pet is out of the pool, you must

bathe them with

some fresh water and dry them thoroughly. If you're

not comfortable doing this,

visit a pet swimming pool with a grooming station.

It is important for your dog to be clean and dry after

swimming so as to not catch a cold. 



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