This Valentine's, Care Is The Ultimate Form Of Love - Here's Why

This Valentine's, Care Is The Ultimate Form Of Love - Here's Why -

We know it was love at first sight when you looked into your pet’s eyes for the first time. We’re sure they said just one thing - “Take me home!” And you did. Maybe you knew this was the beginning of an everlasting relationship. Maybe you didn’t and your relationship was forged over time. Everyone’s love story with their pet is different. But you know what’s common in every story? The acts of unconditional love and care that every pet parent does for their pet. 


Your love for your furbaby becomes eternal when you stay up all night to look after them. When you try to understand why they haven’t eaten for days. When you help your puppy through their teething problems or help your old fella walk with ease. 


And that is when you know that true love lies in the care. You realize, that care, after all, is the ultimate form of love. 


Here are some moments that will warm your heart and make you believe that #LoveIsInTheCare truly






When you keep a regular track of their vet visits, deworming and vaccination schedules even if you forget your appointments

Sometimes, you ignore that mild headache, or that weird pain in your leg, the minute you find out your pet isn’t doing well and call up their vet. As pet parents we make sure they never miss an appointment, their vaccinations are always upto date and their deworming is done on time. All of us as pet parents have experienced this at some point or the other and it goes to show that love, indeed, is in the care. 



We’re always here for the ones that matter the most to you 


When you make sure their litter box is always clean

All cat parents know that their kitties need their bathroom to be clean at all times. Even if you forget to clean your room or house every day, you clean your cat’s litter box without fail. And that’s how we know love is in the care. 



We know you want to give the best to your kitty 


When your parents try to understand the needs of your pet and in the process, fall in love

How many times have our parents told us - “No pets in the house!” Probably way too many times, right? And how many of them have eventually fallen in love with the adorable poochkins? Probably all of them. We have seen our parents babysit, comfort and hand-feed our pets even when they didn’t want the pet in the first place. They prayed for them when they fell sick, started petting them and slowly cuddling them too, they fed them and even cooked homemade meals. And all this while they were falling in love with them. Well, that’s how we know that love is in the care. 



Taking care of them is easier with us 


When you look for pet-friendly holiday destinations only

A vacation would feel incomplete with your favorite buddy! When you spend hours looking for pet-friendly travel destinations, researching how to travel with your pet, making sure your pet has everything they need for the journey and going the extra mile to take them along with you, even you’ve got to admit that love is in the care. 



Stock up on your pet’s supplies before the next trip! 


When you clean out your stuff to make room for theirs

We all want to give our pets their best life, so we get them their own beds, toys, clothes, leashes, accessories, grooming products and even more toys! These things take up space in your home even if it means moving out some of your own stuff. But the funny part is that, they don’t need things, they only need you. And sometimes, they will curl in your bed leaving their bed behind, play with you and forget about their favorite toy and choose you over every single other thing. In those moments you realize, love is not in the things but in the care. 


Less space on the bed, but immense space in our hearts 


When you put on their seat belt before yours, before driving

Road trips must include your forever friend, but have you ever noticed that you always strap them in first before putting on your own seat belt? It’s an unconscious action but one that shows that their safety comes before yours and that indeed, love is in the care! 


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