Skin Infections & Other Health Issues in Pets

Skin Infections & Other Health Issues in Pets -

Our pets are our babies. And watching them suffer from skin infection, joint pain & sore muscles makes us miserable. But as responsible pet parents, we need to find the perfect solution to ease their health issues. 

Skin infection, joint pain & sore muscles are the three most common health issues in pets. Be it dogs or cats, skin infections like pyoderma, yeast infection, fungal infection, bacterial infection & skin rashes can affect their coat & fur. 

Joint pain, sore muscles, aching bones & hip dysplasia are other forms of body pain that our pets suffer from. These conditions require vet-approved painkillers. And while most pet medication is available over the counter, it is always safer to opt for natural anti-inflammatories for dogs & cats. 

Now that we know about these three common yet painful health issues in pets, the question is, how do we treat them? 

Separate Pet Medication for Each Condition?

Usually, for these health concerns, there are separate pet medicines available. There are a variety of painkillers for dogs & cats. Additionally, there are separate pet medications for skin infection in dogs & cats. But let’s be honest, it can be a hassle to keep a tab on these pet medicines. If you are a pet parent to both a cat & a dog, you end up marking their medicines as “dog skin infection”, “dog itching medicines”, or “painkiller for cat”.

It’s funny but it’s true!

Medicines & Side Effects 

It is also true that over-the-counter pet medication can also have side effects. These side effects cannot be seen immediately. But they do affect our pets in the longer run. Pain relief medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, or other NSAIDs are toxic for dogs & cats. When it comes to anti-inflammatories, always trust a vet’s prescription!

The same goes for antibiotics for pets. Antibiotics are a common course of treatment for skin allergies, rashes, infections (like fungal, bacterial, etc). When prescribed by vets, it helps cure the problem but there are still chances of recurrence. Each medicine gulped down by your pets or continuous use is bound to leave a trace of side effects. For example - hair loss, allergic reactions, microbial imbalance (destruction of good bacteria in the gut), and eventually antibiotic resistance. 

In a nutshell, administering too many medicines for joint pain relief, skin infection & sore muscles can have a negative impact on your pet’s health. 

Therefore, it becomes important for pet parents to invest in a vet-approved medicine with natural anti-inflammatory & therapeutic properties. 

But is it possible to have just one medicine or one treatment for these three conditions in pets? Can just one medicine have so many therapeutic & pain healing properties to prevent & cure skin infections, joint pain, hip dysplasia & sore muscles? 

Introducing CannaPaw™ - Natural Pain Relief Therapy Oil for Pets 

CannaPaw™ is a revolutionary product in pet healthcare. It is a proven Pain Relief Therapy Oil for dogs & cats. Made with 100% natural ingredients, it is anti-inflammatory, non-addictive & non-psychoactive. It combines the goodness & purity of 99% Hemp Seed Oil & the medicinal properties of 1% Vijaya Leaf Extract (Vijaya-Cannabis Sativa Linn.). 

CannaPaw™ is formulated with Cannabis Leaf Extract that includes Cannabinoids like CBD, CBN that help pets in pain relief. It is only meant for topical application. 

Cannabis Leaf Extract Oil has magical therapeutic powers to heal pets. There are myths surrounding the use of Cannabis Oil in pets but we are here to bust them! Here are some commonly asked questions & their answers by our in-house vet experts - 

Will CannaPaw™ get my pets “high”?

No, CannaPaw™ is non-psychoactive & will not get your pets “high.”

Is CannaPaw™ addictive?

No, CannaPaw™ is non-addictive.

Is CannaPaw™ vet-approved?

Yes! CannaPaw™ is a natural pain relief therapy approved & recommended by vets. 

How Does CannaPaw™ Work?

CannaPaw™ is composed of cannabinoids. It works by interacting with cell receptors in the nervous system which are responsible for the sensation of pain. When used topically, CannaPaw™ will get absorbed into the skin, interact with the cell receptors & reduce the pain. Cannabis Leaf Extract Oil influences the way your pet will process the pain. 

How Does CannaPaw™ Help My Dog/Cat?

Due to its natural pain-relieving & healing properties, CannaPaw™ will help pets in more than one way! It targets inflammation and reduces pain sensitivity. 

  1. Skin Rashes - 

Skin is the largest organ of the body. Therefore, pets can have multiple skin-related issues. Their skin has to face the wrath of changing weather, ticks, fleas, dandruff, hotspots, bacteria & whatnot! 

Skin infection affects our pet’s coat, hair, and fur. If left untreated, it can lead to baldness, patches, extreme hair loss, boils, etc. 

CannaPaw™ when used topically, will treat skin allergies & infections naturally. It will create a calming effect on your pet. This will lead to less itching. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, your pet will stop experiencing the pain associated with constant scratching.

  1. Sore Muscles -

Dogs & cats both are susceptible to sore muscles. It can happen due to excessive workouts, running, jumping, walks, accidental injury, etc. Unlike skin infections, it is difficult to identify sore muscles.

If you see your dog or cat limping, having difficulties standing & sitting, or wailing in pain while doing simple activities, it is a sign of sore muscles. It is painful for them & the onus is on us to give them pain-relieving treatment. 

CannaPaw™ will help in reducing the pain & inflammation. Regular topical use will cure sore muscles, & your pet will be back to their happy self!

  1. Arthritic Pain -

With old age, joint & arthritic pain can leave your dog in agony. But that should not stop you from providing them with a natural pain relief therapy in the form of CannaPaw.™ 

Some dog breeds like German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers, etc are prone to hip dysplasia. It is a hip deformity that affects the ball & socket joint of the hip bone. The deformity can lead to limping, lameness, & is a painful condition to live with. 

CannaPaw™ will relieve your pet from this pain by lubricating the joints. If your dog breed is also susceptible to arthritis, joint pain, hip dysplasia, or other bone-related problems, topical use of CannaPaw™ from adulthood will benefit in the long run! Do consult your vet about this. 

No Side Effects of CannaPaw™ 

Unlike over-the-counter medicines, Cannabis Leaf Extract Oil doesn’t have any side effects. It will heal & also support your pet’s overall wellbeing. When used as per your vet’s advice, it will offer holistic protection & will keep your pet happy & healthy! 

So, what are you waiting for?! Take the leap of faith & get your pets CannaPaw™. It is 100% natural & 100% safe to use! If you still have questions, call us on +91 8431620000 & our veterinarians will be happy to help! 

*CannaPaw™ is available for pre-order now!