Monsoon Diet For Your Furbaby

Monsoon Diet For Your Furbaby -
Pets love to explore the outdoors during this amazing weather. You must’ve already set a daily cleaning routine for your pet during the daily walks but it won't be effective if you don't feed your pet the right food. Small steps can make a huge difference in the well being of your pet. You can start by washing their food and water bowl at least twice a day. Keeping their chewables sanitised and creating a well-balanced diet for your furbaby will make a huge difference in the quality of their fur and their energy levels.

Eating habits and size of your pets

If your pet is bigger in size then they’ll eat more cause they need more energy as compared to pets who are smaller in size. Smaller pets eat less cause they require less energy to operate.

A Furrtastic meal plan for your Furbaby

Give your pet a balanced and inclusive diet comprising chicken/lamb/paneer (different portions of chicken – breast, thigh, leg), rice, sweet potato carrots, peas, eggs, fat and fish oil. Dogs should be given wet food as it is more wholesome and it should be corn and gluten-free. Our Wiggles Wet Food could lend a hand in that area. We provide meals in both veg and non-veg variants and we’re sure that your pup would love it as much as we do.
Our food is human-grade, no kidding, even you can taste it.

Cooking your pet’s food at home

Food cooked at home is the best, they say. Home-cooked options could include a diet of rice with chicken/lamb, or oats and chicken. Oats should not be combined with red meat as it makes it very rich for the dog to digest easily. Chicken bones should never be given to dogs as it can get stuck in their oesophagus making it hazardous. Fruits should be avoided as the pets can have difficulties in digesting them.  

Total number of meals to be fed per day

An adult dog should eat about twice a day whilst a tiny pupper should eat three to four times in a day. It is your responsibility to prevent your dog from being overfed.

Proteins and their importance in a pet’s diet

Proteins contain essential amino acids and are required for muscle building and the growth of your dog. Proteins provide the required energy to your dog and they digest it easily too. A proper meal should contain sufficient proteins, vitamins and calcium to keep your dog active and healthy. Ideally his main source of protein should be chicken, lamb, paneer or fish.

Clean and purified water for your pet

Contamination of water is very common in this season leading to stomach disorder among dogs. The best option is to give your dog hygienically prepared dog food and fresh water, as packaged meats on the market too might be contaminated due to excessive moisture in the air.

Special monsoon diet for your furbaby

Due to the high humidity levels in the air, dogs usually do not eat dry dog food during the summer and monsoon months. Home-cooked diets or wet food are perfectly suitable in these months as they contain the required amount of moisture. A natural balanced diet should be given to your dog consisting of a source of protein, carbohydrates, fibre, calcium, fat and vitamins.
By looking after such little details, you can help your pet stay healthy during the monsoon season and have a proper and balanced diet. What do you think is the best food to feed your dog in the monsoon season? Tell us in the comments below!