Introducing Wiggles Wet Food for Dogs

Introducing Wiggles Wet Food for Dogs -

Pet parents have gained massive awareness about their furries' health and diet. From the nutrient content in their food to the calories they are taking, they know everything. And since there is a variety of good food available in the market, it can be hard for pet parents to choose. Should they opt for dry kibble or should they choose wet food?

Another important question is about the variety. There is no dearth of pet food. The variety is huge! So many options to choose from. But why? 

And as a pet parent, what should I choose? Dry food or wet food? What is the difference between the two? Are they equally healthy? 

Let a vet answer these queries! 

Both forms of food have their own pros and cons. Let’s understand which one is better here.

What is wet and dry food? How to differentiate them?

The major difference between wet and dry food is the moisture/water content in them. Dry food is available in the form of kibbles having a moisture content of 3 to 12 % depending upon the brand. Whereas, wet food is higher in moisture content, say about 60-80%. 

Higher moisture content decreases the shelf life of wet food. Because of this, dry food has an added benefit.

But, there are major differences in the calorific value of dry and wet food. 

Differences between the two?

Dry food is higher in calories than wet food. Dry food has a calorific value that is 2 to 3 times higher than wet food. Through kibbles, dogs consume a lot of calories/food in smaller amounts. Whereas wet food can satisfy their hunger much easily by just consuming their food twice or thrice in a day.  

Advantages of Dry Food

  • Dry food being higher in energy content decreases the quantity of food.
  • Dry food is budget-friendly and lasts for a long time when proper care is taken. 
  • Due to the low moisture content, dry food has an increased shelf life.
  • Less fussy and easy to handle the food. No unnecessary spoilage of the food by spilling around.

Advantages of Wet Food

  • Because of higher moisture content, the food gives the satiety feeling much faster in your pooches, hence required in less amount.
  • As the intake is less, it is better for their health, especially in obese dogs.
  • Higher moisture content also fulfills the requirement of the water in their body.
  • Dogs are more attracted to wet food because of the smell and taste as wet food intensifies the smell and apparently tastes better to them.

Which form of food is best suitable for dogs?

A combination of both wet and dry food is what works best for them. Both forms have their own pros and cons, so the best suitable option will be combining them and feeding them. 

Combining doesn't mean mixing both the wet and dry food at once and giving it to them. Combination of wet and dry food means involving both the food in their day to day routine at different time periods. 

For example, you can feed dry kibbles in the morning hours like for breakfast to your dog, and later for lunch and dinner, you can continue with wet food.

But, while doing any switch over or mixing the food one should always manage their calorie intake. Exceeding the daily calorie limit of the food can make them obese.

But the most important aspect is the health of the dog. If your dog suffers from any digestive issue after combining the food then immediately stop it and continue with the one type of food which they like the most.

Whereas, when we talk about food the thing which one should consider is the nutritive value of it. How much that food is beneficial for the dog’s overall health. Say it wet food or dry food, you can opt for any one of them depending upon the need of the dog.

The ingredient plays a major role. A balanced ratio of meat/chicken and vegetables like pumpkin, carrots, green peas along with fats and oil rich in omega 3 and 6 is what is considered the best food for canine health.

Opt for Wiggles Wet Food - 

Wiggles Wet Food for Dogs is so tasty that you wanted to taste it too! It is made with 100% human-grade ingredients. Made with Fresh Chicken, Vegetables like Pumpkin, Carrot, Green Peas & infused with Herbs like Ashwagandha and Moringa, Wet food for Dogs is nutritious & healthy! 

It is ready to serve & suitable for all age groups! It will be thoroughly enjoyed by your puppy as well as their adult sibling. It also comes with a feeding instruction (per day) - (Per kg of pet's body weight) - 

  • Puppy (2 - 4 months) 110 - 130 gm
  • Puppy (5 - 12 months) 60 - 100 gm
  • Adult (13 months - 7 yrs) 40 - 80 gm
  • Senior (Above 7 yrs) 30 - 60 gm

This hassle-free, easy to do & ready to serve wet food is a blessing! Mix it with your regular food or feed them as it is, bowls will be licked clean! For any assistance regarding the wet food, call us on +91 8431620000. 

And if you wish to be a part of an ever-growing pet parent community, then join Wiggles Tribe on Facebook today and get all your queries answered by our in-house vets!