If cats had a job, what would it be?

If cats had a job, what would it be? - Wiggles.in
Cats are one of the most unpredictable creatures that I've seen in my life. They live a sophisticated yet simple life and are always commanding whatever they do. They sleep all day and eat whenever they want. Seems perfect right? Sitting around doing nothing and knowing that your owner will take care of you. They have a different way of showing affection as they do not show it directly. They are passive aggressive furballs who never forget to entertain us with their hilarious antics. This brings me to the question,”What if cats had a job?”
Cats would be considered for leadership positions as they have a very commanding nature. Such as the ringmaster of a circus. I’m sure you guys can imagine an elephant balancing  itself on a beach ball, while the ringmaster cat is watching every move with sharp eyes and aggressive meows.
Working at the counter of food outlets such as Burger King and Pizza Hut would be imaginable for our furballs. But let's get real, not even one day into work and we would find them in the storage chomping on the meat slides and toppings and passing out royally.
The thought of cats being models would not surprise me as they already are. Their style and attitude towards doing anything is astonishing and hilarious. We already have instagram accounts for our cats and some cats are super popular with 10 million followers. These cats are truly living the lush life. It would be pretty funny to see them do a “catwalk” on the stage. Let’s hope that a mouse doesn’t pop up on the stage or else things would escalate pretty quick into a topsy-turvy world.
Cats have a habit of sleeping all day and then staying up all night. Some of us are doing the same during the lockdown. Cats would be the perfect candidates for watchmen or ‘watchcats’ in this scenario. Staying up all night and meowing. But who knows, they might sleep on this job as well.
Cats are already familiar with the internet because they are a huge part of it. The funny but cute videos are very entertaining and I could definitely see a cat take up the job of a youTuber and make vlogs and prank their furry friends and catch it on their camera. 
Online gaming is a huge thing these days due to the lockdown restrictions. Due to this we could see cats enter the gaming and streaming industry. Imagine, it is night time and you’re fast asleep and a few moments later you wake up to the sound of your cat meowing loudly so you go to see what’s happening only to discover your cat sitting in front of the  bright computer screen with a pair of huge headphones that barely fit its head and meowing in the microphone while its paws are on the mouse (not the real one) and you’d also find a ton of treats beside her. The purrfect night for gamers, excluding the cat food obviously.
In conclusion, cats are amazing and can do almost every other job that a hooman can. Maybe they’ll even be better at it who knows. Personally I would love to live in a world where cats do the same jobs as humans. But who knows maybe in the future, this idea could turn into reality. Do you think cats could do our jobs better than us? Tell us in the comments below!