How to take care of your pet if you are COVID+ve

How to take care of your pet if you are COVID+ve -

It’s 2021 and the COVID-19 pandemic still persists and is relentless in its casualties. God forbid if you or anyone you know contracts this virus, we know how frightening that can be. We also know and believe that your pet’s health and safety are of utmost priority along with yours. Here are some guidelines to help you take care of your pet if you or a family member in your house test positive for COVID-19. 

Vets suggest keeping your pet separated from anyone who is COVID+ for the following reasons: 

For their safety

Not much is known about the virus as it can evolve and take many forms. There have been a few cases where a few dogs/cats have contracted the virus from their caretakers. It’s important to isolate completely from your pet for their safety. 

For your safety

When you contract this virus, it’s important to get plenty of rest. Taking care of your pet can get exhausting and slow your recovery. 

For everyone else’s safety

The contagious droplets can settle on your pet’s coat. If anyone else comes in contact with your pet while petting them, there is a high chance that they might contract the virus.

If you and everyone else in your house are COVID+, it’s best to separate from your pet until you recover to eliminate any kind of uncertain risks.

What you can do to take care of your pet if you are COVID+ 

Separate from your pet and follow these guidelines:

Contact friends and family

Call your friends or your family who can take care of your pet. Wear your masks, practice social distancing, and all safety measures when they come over to take your pet. Make sure your pet’s paws are sanitized with a sanitizer safe for pets. Give them all your pet’s essentials, your vet’s contact details, vitamins and pet supplements and a list of things your pet prefers, toys maybe, keep in touch through video calls. Make sure the assigned caretaker has a copy of your pet’s vaccinations and deworming records. If your pet has any medical conditions/health issues or is on a specific kind of diet, let them know about that too.

Pet boardings

Check your pet in with a pet boarding facility that is hygienic, offers all the amenities, and will take care of your pet’s health while you recover. The professionals will make sure your pet is looked after with utmost care. This dog boarding in Pune is well equipped with professionals to look after your dog, amenities like - pool, park, gym, a grooming station and 24/7 vet care. They also keep you updated by sending you your dog’s videos and pictures. The pet boarding also has a pick-up service if you are unable to drop your pet. If you want to check-in your cat, do a thorough research on pet boarding homes, read their reviews, ask a friend to visit the place if they can and then make a decision.

If you cannot separate from your pet, follow these guidelines:

Keep a proper distance from your pet.

While refiling their food and water, make sure you’re wearing your mask and sanitize your hands, their bowl, and everything you touch with a pet sanitizer.

Do not let them go outside, even for walks. Keep newspapers for dogs to defecate. Alternatively, you can also get someone to walk the dog for you but make sure you maintain distance from this person and sanitize your pet’s paws once they are back.

Use pet-friendly floor cleaners.

Follow safety measures and give your pet steam if you can, but consult your vet before doing so. 

Ask your vet about what other measures you can take to keep your pet safe. Remember that it is always advisable to separate from the pet to keep yourself and your pet healthy.

What to do if I’m sick and my pet is sick too?

Opt for an online video consultation with a vet. You can easily get quick and expert vet advice via video call if your pet has any minor ailments. Wear your mask while you’re getting the consultation to avoid spreading germs to your pet, if you touch them, sanitize your hands and them immediately. 

Ask about any small non-urgent health issue on verified groups where a vet can give you proper advice. 

If your pet needs to be taken to the clinic, ask your friends/family to help you out and take your pet to the vet, follow all safety measures when you are doing so.

Apart from this, keep yourself prepared for the crisis. Here are some precautionary measures you can take:

Stock up on pet supplies: 

Keep pet food and treats handy or get it delivered weekly for at least a minimum of 30 days. Keep a pet emergency kit ready that contains all the necessary medicines and equipment you would need in any uncertainty. Get your hands on Hemp Seed Oil for pets as it works as an internal and external healer. 

Have a crate ready:

Keep a crate ready in case you need to move your pet in a rush.

Designate a caregiver:

Identify who can take care of your pet in your absence. Ask your friends and family if they can look after your pet when you’re not around. Let them know if your pet has any health issues, give them your vet’s number, a list of your pet’s likes and dislikes, their habits, and routine. Make sure they’re prepared and have all the information to look after your pet. 

Proper identification:

Your pet should have proper identification on their collar. The collar should hold information like- the pet’s name, contact number, and location. Getting your pet microchipped is the best way to ensure their safety. You can call a vet at home to get your pet microchipped.

Continue to protect yourself by taking medications and following all safety measures against COVID-19.

We hope this information helps you. Know that we’re always here for your pets, if you have any pet-related queries call us on +91 84316 2000 and our team of experts will help you out.