How To Celebrate A Safe Diwali With Your Pets?

How To Celebrate A Safe Diwali With Your Pets? -

The most awaited Indian festival is almost here. Diwali: the festival of lights, sweets and tons of happiness always lights up our smiles. This festival brings renewed enthusiasm and energy for us. Togetherness, exchanging sweets, bursting colorful firecrackers, we definitely get busy in our celebration and lose track of our pet’s health.

But, suddenly when our furry baby starts barking,whining or develops an allergic condition, we get alarmed. It is quite possible to encounter poop or urination incidents at your home because of the diwali stress they go through. Knowingly or unknowingly, we make them go through this unwanted stress.

Here are a few tips which can help your pets and you to have a safe and sound Diwali celebration.  

  1. Cracker Free You may have noticed, even a slightest high pitched voice can drag your pets attention towards you. Talking about dogs, they have a high sensitivity towards sound. Whenever they encounter a high intensity or unfamiliar sound they start to act in unusual manner like sudden barking, whining or hiding themselves.

Many pets may not show this behavioral pattern because they are accustomed to urbanization and also with the different sounds they encounter on a daily basis. But, this totally depends on the individual pet and their surrounding environment.

How to protect your pet’s ears?

  • Keep them inside: Make sure you do not keep them outdoors as this involves immense risk. The sound of firecrackers scares them, and worse case it may also damage their ear drums. 
  • Insulation: Create an insulation or a sound proof environment which will help them. Close the doors and windows as this will help to drown the loud noise.
  • Soothing music: Put on your pets favorite music or just make them comfortable with the TV sounds which can also work wonders
  • Ear muffs: You may have noticed just like humans, now your pets can also have their personal ear muffs. This not only protects them from unwanted noise but also helps them during winter to keep themselves warm.
  • Water: Keep water infused with electrolytes which will keep them hydrated. This can help to avoid strokes in pets. 
  1. Sweet tooth

Diwali being the festival of exchanging gifts and sweets, when it comes to sweets not only humans, but pets also have a sweet tooth. Whatever you are eating, your pet wants it and you cannot resist their manipulative puppy eyes. We might be tempted to share a  bite with them. But being a pet owner we should always know that sweets contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener used in almost every candy or sweet which is dangerous for your pets. This can develop different health conditions from severe itching to even poisoning in extreme cases. Instead of giving unhealthy food, you can keep a healthy dog treat with you.

  1. Air purifiers

Noise and air pollution is a common problem during Diwali. Due to pollution pets may develop symptoms of coughing and sneezing. In such scenarios using an air purifier is an option you can try and keep them safe including yourselves.

  1. Safe routine 

A slight change in the routine can also help your pet to avoid unnecessary suffering. Taking your pet on a walk early in the morning and changing the evening time depending on the different rituals we follow can help them. Don't forget to sanitize them after a walk.

  1. Pampering 

Relaxing them using a good massaging oil like Hemp Seed Oil can resolve their anxiety issues. Yes! Cuddling helps too. But pets are not cuddlers, just a good body massage or grooming will do the needful to relieve their stress.

  1. Emergency kit

When it comes to pets, you never know what will happen next. What if they lick something or overeat their food and begin to display problems like vomiting or diarrhea? Your furries can easily develop an allergic reaction to any food suddenly. In such cases, having an emergency kit with all the necessary medicines will help you overcome any unwanted situations till your vet arrives. 

Meanwhile if you need an online consultation or need to book a vet appointment, please call us on +91 8431620000 and our team will reach out to you immediately. Till then, have a happy & a safe Diwali!