Holiday Food Recipes For Pets

Holiday Food Recipes For Pets -

The festivities are not over just yet. At least not for our pets. Everyday is a holiday for them! Why not make their days a little better with some yummilicious food? 

To ensure that our pets remain healthy, we need to include nutrient rich ingredients in their food. And who says you cannot have fun with healthy recipes? 

Here are some vet-approved, pawsome recipes for them. Make sure to let us know if they licked their bowls clean or not

  1. Paneer / Chicken Vegetables Balls - 

A recipe which will make your pooch drool over these droolsome Paneer/Meatballs.

The purrfect holiday recipe to make your pet feel extra special! And as always, the secret ingredient is love, love & lots of love!


1 bowl Wiggles fresh pet food (Paneer / Chicken Vegetables)

1 cups of oats 

1 egg

2 tablespoon pumpkin puree

½  cup Corn flour/ Quinoa flour/Whole Wheat flour


In a bowl, put all the ingredients (Wiggles fresh food, oats , eggs). Grind them together and form them into any size balls you would like for your pooch.

Dredge the balls lightly in the flour. Shake off the extra flour.

Bake them at 250 degree celsius for 15 to 18 minutes. Bake time will depend on the size of the Paneer/Chicken balls.

Remove it from the oven, let it cool down. Garnish it with the Wiggles Ykibble. 

  1. Food Cake

A perfect recipe for your doggo’s birthdays or any occasion where you cannot share your cake with them. 

Recipe/Ingredients :

1 cup rice (Brown/White)

2 cups Chicken broth (unsalted)

1 cup green beans(boiled/steam cooked)

½  cup peas (boiled/steam cooked)

½  cup pumpkin chunks (boiled/steam cooked)

1 bunch parsley (steam cooked)

1 cup carrots (steam cookd)

1 bowl deseeded apple (optional)

2 tablespoon peanut butter (as a binder and for protein)

2 tablespoon Olive oil


Cook rice in chicken broth till it is done. Let it cool.

Grind all the vegetables and fruits and put them aside. 

Put all the ingredients into a large bowl along with peanut butter.

Mix all the ingredients till they get incorporated into a moist glop.

Put parchment paper or waxed paper on a large cookie sheet. Pour the mixture onto it and put some Wiggles Ykibble on it. Freeze (below 3 degree celsius) until it gets hard. Put the cake in airtight freezer bags and use it after thawing whenever needed. 

Both the recipes are packed with energy and essential nutrients which helps to maintain their heart health. Less in cholesterol, boost immunity and are suitable for pets above 4 months of age.  

If you are looking for more recipes like these, checkout these simple DIY soup recipes for pets! They are a balanced combination of health & happiness. 

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