Heal O’Rub - The Organic Healer

Heal O’Rub - The Organic Healer - Wiggles.in

Have you ever booped the snoot or shaken your pet’s paw? Did it ever feel dry & undernourished? Winter season is not only harsh for us humans but it also equally affects our pets. Dry & damaged paws are a major concern. Skin looks lustreless & the elbow pads need hydration. If you also have the same concerns then we have a solution for you!

Presenting our newest launch, Heal O’Rub!

Heal O’Rub is a 100% organic healer made with the purest oils & butters. 

What are the ingredients? 

Heal O’ Rub stands true to its name. And when we say it is organic, it truly is. It contains - 

  1. Organic Virgin Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil - It prevents skin disorders such as dry nose, acne, eczema, rash & dandruff. Being rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9, it does wonders for the skin! 
  1. Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Argan Oil - Also known as liquid gold, it is derived from the kernels of the fruit of the Argan tree. It helps in reducing hair fall & inflammation. Full of Vitamin E, antioxidants & essential fatty acids, it is the go-to oil for all pets.
  1. Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil - The benefits of coconut oil are known across the country. But what we don’t know is that it is equally effective in treating your pet’s skin. It prevents flaking, clears up skin issues and hydrates dry skin. 
  1. Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Sweet Almond Oil - 100% safe for use, sweet almond oil is even safe to be consumed by pets in small amounts. It is a natural treatment to itchy, dry, flaky & irritated skin. 
  1. Organic Cold Pressed Shea Butter - It is the ultimate ingredient to protect those paws & skin against dehydration. 
  1. Organic Beeswax - Be it the biting winter cold or the scorching summer heat, beeswax protects your pets throughout the year!
  1. Blueberry Extract - A powerful antioxidant, it provides excellent skin conditioning benefits. 

How do I use it on my pets? 

The application is extremely simple! Dip your fingers into this rich concoction & take out a liberal amount or as much as required. 

We suggest keeping some treats handy while you massage & nourish those paws, snout, elbow pads & skin! To get the best results, we recommend using it during bed time. 

When do I use it?

Our pets have sensitive skin and they face multiple issues on a daily basis. From ticks to getting burns on a hot summer walk, they also get those occasional cuts, abrasions, hot spots, dermatitis & sores. And what better than having a single product to treat all of them! If you find your pets in any of the above situations, we suggest you reach out to our trusted Heal O’Rub. It is vet-approved & especially formulated to treat a variety of skin conditions. 

Our organic potion is - 

  1. Lick Safe
  2. Paraben & Sulfate free
  3. pH Balanced
  4. Non - GMO & like all our products, it is vet-approved! 

We have made this healer with a lot of love, care & compassion. It is now available for all you pet parents to try on your furry buddy’s paws, skin, snout & elbow pads. Get it today! If you have any questions or queries, talk to us on +91 8431620000!