Debunked: Petcare & Covid-19

Debunked: Petcare & Covid-19 -
If you are concerned whether you or your pets might get the coronavirus, please don’t be, we are trying to answer a few questions out here to help you rest your concerns and keep loving your pets.

1. Can your pets give you the CoronaVirus? Is Covid-19 transmissible to dogs?

As of now, there is no scientific evidence that pets can give you the corona virus and this has been confirmed by WHO (World Health Organization) too.

If you have been reading news about the infected dog found in Hongkong, the dog tested positive after remaining with its owners who were sick with the virus. The dog was not showing any signs of the disease according to the report from WHO. As of now there is no evidence that dogs or pets can spread the disease and further studies may bring new findings. It is important that pet owners if infected, refrain from close contact with their pets and have another family member take care of them. Maintaining hygiene and wearing a mask does get mandatory in this case. In case you as a pet parent have been in crowded places or have come in contact with a person who has travel history to infected areas, it is advisable that you consult your local Covid-19 helpline and get the medical aid required immediately. If you feel that your pet is facing any symptoms, please get in touch with our vets at the earliest. No coronavirus vaccine for humans has been created yet, though trials are on. There is a vaccine for coronavirus in dogs, however there is no vaccine for this variant (Covid-19).

2. What precautions should you take to safeguard your pet from the coronavirus?

  • Avoid putting masks on your pet’s face as they might face breathing difficulties.
  • Even if you play with your pet, make sure that you wash your hands and face thoroughly with a medicated soap afterwards. Sanitizing your hands will also do. Do not allow your pet to lick your face. 
  • Take them for short walks and maintain a distance between other walkers and your pets. Also don’t allow other pets to interact with your pooch/kitty for now.
  • Ensure that your pet and any other community animals or even strays in your area are up to date with their vaccinations and are receiving check-ups and preventive measures are being taken to protect them from ticks, fleas, heartworms, maggots etc.
  • People who are unwell and are showing symptoms of the virus should get themselves tested at laboratories and hospitals designated for the same. They should isolate themselves from their pets and other family members and ensure that pets do not get any infected droplets on the fur. 
  • The pets should be cared for in a familiar environment by a trusted caregiver who is free of the virus or else the pets might face anxiety and separation issues as they have been kept away from their owner.

3. What should I do if my pet falls ill during the lockdown?

Firstly, stay calm and try to find out if you or your pet have done anything which was different from your regular routine. Did you feed your pet something different or did your pet eat something offered by someone? Secondly, call your regular vet or you can even call our in-house vet experts through Wiggles SmartVet - Vet Consultation done via Video Call to get your questions answered. This can happen without moving out of the house. In case you feel that your pet needs to be physically checked by a vet, our Vet on Call services are available in Pune and Mumbai and you may call us on +91 8431620000 and our team will connect with you soon. Our vets will visit you at home, right at your doorstep.

4. What should I feed my dog/cat at this time if I run out of food? 

Continue feeding your pet his usual food. If you do run out of pet food, check with your local pet store if they have the brand that you usually feed him. In case they are closed, do reach out to us as we have just ventured into Wiggles Wet Food in two variants - Veg and Non-Veg mainly, (paneer + vegetables) and (chicken + vegetables). Call us on +91 8431620000 and our Food Nutritionists will suggest the right meal plan for your pet. We will also help you with transitioning your pet with trying new food.

5. Why is my pet and me suffering from insomnia and fear due to the coronavirus?

If you are suffering from insomnia and fear due to the fear of coronavirus, we’d suggest practicing social distancing and staying isolated at home. Continue with routine tasks for you and your pet. Eat healthy food at regular intervals, reduce screen time, cut down on the information that you feed yourself about the virus through social media. Practice meditation, exercise at home with some music and continue loving and caring for your pet. The time now is to be positive and not get swayed by the negativity surrounding us. So keep showering your attention on your pet, continue making those video calls with your friends and family members and include your pet in them. If you have any doubts, please talk to your vet or to a trusted friend. The world should seem brighter soon! Meanwhile, stay home and stay safe!