All You Need To Know About Microchipping Your Pets

All You Need To Know About Microchipping Your Pets -

Our pets are the apple of our eyes! Their excitement to roam freely under the sky has no match against anything. They are always eager to explore the quest of new smells and new people. But their excitement is our issue of concern. We need to make sure that their safety and security is not put at risk. Putting on tags is not a foolproof option for it. Then what is? Microchipping your pets is a permanent solution for this problem.

Here are a few things which you should know about microchipping:

What is microchipping?

A microchip is an electronic device. It is the size of a grain of rice with a unique identification number on it which is read by using a scanner. It is permanently introduced into the body of the pet. When the pet gets inserted with the microchip, it is called microchipping.

How to insert a chip?

The chip is inserted in a subcutaneous tissue near the shoulder blades/scruff of your pet using a syringe or application gun. It is a harmless and painless process just like a regular vaccination. 

The operator gently pulls the skin over the scruff area of your pet, then the gun or syringe is inserted into the tissue and the chip gets ejected by pushing the plunger and it's done! Don't worry it does not cross the subcutaneous tissue of your pet. This is a safe procedure.

How does microchipping work?

Microchipping works by using a passive RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) system. It automatically identifies and captures data using an electromagnetic pulse emitted from the chip when your pet is in its range. Here, you don't need to charge the chip nor is it rechargeable. 

What does a Microchip contain?

A microchip has its unique number specified for a particular pet against which the name and contact details of the owner can be registered in the database.

How to update the details?

If the number or address of the pet’s owner is changed then it can be updated into the system by contacting the microchip database provider. By scanning the chip the data gets updated into the system. There is no need to insert another chip into your pet.

Where to microchip my pet?

Wiggles has also begun this procedure. You can call us on +91 8431620000 for an appointment and our licensed vets will come over and get the procedure done at a minimal cost. You can also microchip your pets by taking them to an authorised and licensed Kennel Club of India. If you don't know the place you can always contact your veterinarian for guidelines as licensed veterinarians are authorised to perform the microchipping. The procedure is simple and life-saving for your pet.

Why do our pets need microchipping?

The Indian government has released a guideline that any puppy/kitten or adult dog/cat needs to be registered with the pet owner. Pet parents who want to register their pets into KCI( Kennel Club India) also need to get their pet microchipped to certify their pedigree. Microchipping is an easy and handy option to keep your pets safe.

What is the cost?

Costing for the microchip varies. It is mostly between Rs. 1000-2000/- There are extra charges if you want to update the information on the chip or change the custody of your pet depending upon the organization from where you have got it done.

Why to microchip?

Microchipping your pets is better than a plain tag. Tags can get lost or can be removed easily. A microchip is hidden in your pet’s skin tissue and no one can remove it or manipulate it. It is a safe and secure option for the pet and pet owners. 

Where to get your dog registered?

The most accurate place to get your dog registered is KCI (Kennel Club of India). KCI will help you to get a complete procedure done under one roof.

GAWVS is another option. They also have an online web and mobile portal service. Whereas according to every metropolitan city they have different rules and regulations for licensing and registering your pet.

It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pets. Microchipping provides a safety factor for your pets in case they get lost and are unable to be returned to their owner. Go for this tried and tested option and get your pet microchipped now. 

Follow our next blog for complete guidelines on how to get your pet registered.

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