5 Wiggles Pet Products that are perfect to use this monsoon!

5 Wiggles Pet Products that are perfect to use this monsoon! - Wiggles.in

Monsoon is officially here! While we all love the rains and the pleasant fragrance of the soil, aptly called ‘PETrichor’ probably because pets love it as much as humans, what we need to remember is that the humid weather causes pets to go on a skin scratching spree! Monsoon slowly becomes a reason for discomfort and we can’t see pets struggling in this weather. 

So, to tackle it, we are here with solutions for all your pet’s problems due to the monsoon. Try these products and relieve your pets from ticks, fleas and skin allergies! Keep them safe and protect them from germs!

  1. Wiggles Instant Pet Sanitizer

Duck the clouds! Let's bring back the fun in going for those long walks and playful trips in the park with your furball. Carry along Wiggles Instant Pet Sanitizer, a first of its kind sanitizer made exclusively for pets and proudly made in India if you happen to travel to a friend’s place or even a trek up the hill. 100% alcohol-free, it kills 99.9% germs, works like an insect repellent, eliminates odor, is a skin soother and healer and includes premium essential oils of holy basil, lavender and lemongrass. So if you need rinse-free protection on the go to keep your pets safe and healthy, here’s your solution, exclusively for your pets. 

It can be used for Dogs & Cats above 2 months of age and can easily be carried along just like a human sanitizer. All you need to do is just keep it away from direct sunlight and store in a cool & dry place. So when you get back home, open the lid of the pet sanitizer and gently spray on your pet’s paws or coat once while avoiding eyes, mouth & open wounds. It can be used 3-4 times daily or check with our vets or your regular vet for its usage. Read more on its benefits.

  1. Wiggles Organic Anti-Odour Skin Spray (for Dogs & Cats) 

The rainy season leads to a build up of moisture in the air. It increases the humidity and due to it, a damp smell starts to emanate from your pet’s body. This odor can be unsettling for pet parents and giving a bath everyday is not the ideal solution either. That is why, Wiggles Organic Anti-Odour Skin spray should be the best pick for your pet. 

Just spritz it all over your pet’s body and comb their coat top to bottom. It will not only get rid of the smell but also treat seborrhea (medical condition which leads to excess production of sebum). It has an organic composition and is alcohol free. Thus making it safe to use on your pets. Now get rid of the odor when you snuggle with your pets at night. Read more about its benefits here.

  1. Wiggles Organic Waterless Bath (For Puppies & Kittens)

Another way to tackle body odor in puppies & kittens is by using Wiggles Organic Waterless Bath. It is an easy way to keep them clean without the hassle of giving baths. It removes dead skin cells, maintains the pH balance and moisturizes the coat.

Spray it all over your pet’s body and let it soak into your pet’s body for a few minutes. Give them a good massage and then comb from top to bottom. This product is a safe haven for those pups and kittens who dread bath time. Don’t worry, we will make sure you don’t have to go through it! Read up on its multiple benefits here. 

  1. Wiggles Organic Dusting Powder (For Dogs & Cats) 

Monsoon inites some unwanted guests like ticks, fleas, mites, lice and other ectoparasites on your pet’s skin. It can lead to irritated skin and a lot of itching. To save your pet from this ordeal, you can use Wiggles Organic Dusting Powder. 

Just dust the powder on your pet’s coat and you are done! It is a 100% natural product and can also be applied on puppies or kittens from one month of age. Since it is organic, there are no chances of skin reaction either. Dust away all the uninvited guests by using the organic dusting powder! Read up on its benefits here. 

  1. Wiggles Tea Tree Oil Shampoo (For Dogs) 

We have 2 variants in shampoo but Wiggles Tea Tree Oil shampoo will work wonders especially in the monsoon. Mosquitoes, house flies and mites become a common nuisance during the rains. Bacteria and fungi also irritate your dog’s skin. In order to tackle these issues, the tea tree oil shampoo is a life saver. It contains natural tea tree extracts along with Vitamin E. 

Wet your dog’s fur and generously apply the shampoo. Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse it.  The shampoo acts as a natural antiseptic and prevents skin irritation caused by flea allergy dermatitis. It will also keep ticks & fleas at bay! Apart from being a natural antiseptic, it also acts as a natural body deodorizer. So no more stinky fur and sticky paws!

Read more benefits here. 

So go ahead and choose products which will banish your pet’s skin issues this monsoon gently. Do tag us and let us know how it worked for you. To buy our products, you can visit our website https://wiggles.in/products.