4 Indoor Games To Play With Your Dogs

4 Indoor Games To Play With Your Dogs - Wiggles.in

Inputs by Dr. Ajay Satbige, Senior Veterinary Officer, and Kushal Chipkar, Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist, at Wiggles.

Its pitter-patter rain drops time as the monsoon has begun. It’s a time of staying indoors, getting a hot cup of coffee, wrapping yourself in a blanket, and streaming your favorite show. Many of us find staying indoors very enjoyable. However, it’s not the same with our dogs. While they adore our uninterrupted company, they can’t go out for their daily walks and playtime because of all the health issues that the monsoons bring. 

Dogs need to get sufficient exercise (mental & physical) to prevent anxiety disorders, laziness, and obesity, and also help release all that pent-up energy. Did you know dogs that get plenty of exercise, tend to be obedient and calmer? So it’s a benefit for both the parents and the doggos.

You must be wondering about how to play with them inside 4 walls. Don’t worry, we’ve listed down a few games that you can play with your pet to give them plenty of exercise and keep them entertained and fit during the rainy days!  

Tug Of War



 doggo with his tug toy

This is a great game to play with your pet. Not only is it fun, but it’s also a stress reliever and can be used to control your dog’s aggression. You can easily find these toys online and you don’t need a lot of space for this game. You can also make a tug toy at your home by folding towels or old clothes. Hold on to one end of the toy and enjoy the tug battle. 

While playing the game, if the dog’s teeth touch your hand, make sure to stop immediately to let them know that you didn’t like that. Keep repeating this and your dog will understand their limitations, and this game will become very enjoyable and also ensure a good workout. 

Later on, you can take it up a notch by tying the tug on the door and teaching them how to open doors and cabinets.

Sniff Out The Snack



sniff sniff, it’s here somewhere, I know it

Who doesn’t love a good game of hide and seek?! It is a very good stimulating exercise for the dogs sniffing skills. Take out some of their favorite treats, or veggies (cut them into smaller bits) and ask your dog to remain in stay command. Keep the treat at a distance in their view and tell them to get the snack. Once they do, make sure to give them plenty of love and praise so that they understand what they have to do. You can start hiding it in trickier places and watch your smart pooch retrieve it.  

Obstacle Course



looks easy

The scope of this game is limited only by your imagination. We have all seen the Instagram dogs jumping over toilet rolls and books, crawling underneath the scotch tape, and barricades, and smartly evading an army of bottles. It’s time for ninja canines to rise! Trust us, this game will get your dog’s mental clogs running at full power.


Bubble Chasing

Your dogs may or may not show interest at the first sign of seeing a bubble. But with the right demonstrations, they’re going to love this game. All you need is a bottle, wand, pet-safe detergent, and water. Blow 2-3 bubbles and watch whether it piques their interest. If not, the best way to explain this game is for you to go ahead and burst the bubbles yourself. Once your doggo understands the goal of this game, this will be great entertainment both for the dogs and their pet parents. Make sure to wipe their faces after playing to avoid any lingering moisture.

There are also many toys you can find online that are great exercises for the dog’s mind and body. Along with this, you can also take this time to train your dogs to do many things. They can clean up after playtime, fetch items for you, and much more.


This season keeps us indoors, giving us a lot of time to spend with our pets and that’s the most important aspect. The more you play with them, the more they trust and obey you! So what are you waiting for, let the indoor games begin!


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