11 Reasons Why Dogs Are a Man’s Best Friend

11 Reasons Why Dogs Are a Man’s Best Friend - Wiggles.in
A dog is always faithful and is considered to be man’s best friend.

The interaction that dogs provide is unconditional. The significance of dogs in our lives is immeasurable. From being human’s best companions to service dogs that rescue and protect, to therapy dogs that help in healing and de-stressing, dogs have become an integral part of society and our lives that makes them our best friend and someone whom we can rely on.

1) Learning life skills

Young children learn responsibility and value of routine at an early age, in taking care of their pets. Besides having a loyal companion, they can be taught to help feed, walk and exercise the dog regularly.
A lot of life skills are learned in these human-canine interactions, like the value of human life, empathy education and respect for all living beings. It’s a cycle of betterment one goes through once he gets a dog.

2) Combating loneliness

In caring for a pet, humans find a sense of purpose. Beneficial not only for those who are lonely, but also empty-nesters, the elderly or those having had life-changing situations like divorce, death of a loved one or even simply those who prefer not to socialize too much. All such issues are the modern world issues that are being faced by 70% of the population now. And coping up with that usually becomes difficult. That is where the dog comes into the picture. It’s a huge help you get from your pup to get out of the loneliness box. They help you to fight with loneliness and depression.

3) Stressbusters

Exercising a dog has huge health benefits not only for the dog but also for humans as even by walking or running with the dog, humans’ stress levels reduce and health and wellness increase. Dogs can bring about a complete change in the environment.

Therapy dogs are specifically trained to help heal patients or elderly needing comfort in hospitals and homes. There are service dogs that are trained to help and assist specially challenged individuals with their daily activities. Like helping them travel and even get to work, thereby raising the quality of their lives.

Surely a best friend’s quality!

4) Protecting Guardians

Besides being in search and rescue operations by tracking people buried under rubble and snow in the most perilous and challenging environments, dogs protect and provide security from strangers and burglars.

Home pets to dogs maintained for security in organizations, they can alert owners and keep them safe. Dogs can sniff out bombs, drugs, and contrabands in airports and public places.
How true is this? All the pet parents can surely feel the love of their furry friends. They make a life of hoomans whole by just being there fur-ever. Those sloppy kisses and wet noses add happiness to lives and keep reminding that how special we are to our best companions and how special they are to us.

5) Dogs are super smart!

Dogs are seriously one of the smartest animals on this planet. This also makes them the best ones as a pet. The intelligence varies according to the breed. But it is right that they are the most intuitive animal. It is also said that they carry intelligence equals to a 2-year-old human.

They also understand subtle gestures and cues. For instance, if someone points to an object both will be able to interpret and see the object. Dogs are able to understand their owner’s hidden body language. This is why they can assess who is a friend and who is not. It is also said that their intuition ability is so good that they can spot any risk in the initial stage itself.

6) Dogs have terrible short term memory and good long term memory

Dogs really have a gift of short term memory which helps them to be away from all the negative emotions. This is beneficial for their own mind since, in the long run, they do not have to deal with the temporary emotional roller coaster. This is just opposite to humans being able to remember every little detail good or bad and going into the overthinking zone because of it. Having a terribly short memory is a gift that means you can mess with his tail, play keep-away with their food, and do fun stuff that annoys them. They will forget it and still be your best friend. 

But when it comes to a long run or long-term memory the pooch may forget the playful things that you have done but remember the connection that you share with him. Your scent, your touch and how good parent you are. They remember all of that. It like they can keep the good emotions in and forget the bad ones unless like us where every data goes inside and cannot be erased, whether good or bad.

7) Dogs are loyal

Dogs are known for loyalty. This means you can trust your dog any day that he is never going to leave you. They helped us fight the war and to this date, people rely on a dog because of that. They just need love and caring and in return, you can expect a loyal companion by your side. 

8) Unconditional Love

Dogs do not care about your ethnicity, race, color, and gender or if have any kind of mental or physical disabilities. They don’t even care if you are rich or poor or good looking or not. They just love you for who you are. Even after you are neglecting them because of any reason. They can sense that. The bond their share with their owner makes them being able to understand what love is all about.

9)Simple Mindset

One can agree anytime that dogs are of a simple mentality. Mostly their days consist of playing, eating and sleeping. They also just want to make their owners happy and bright. One cannot deny they fill you with a positive aura of energy. They appreciate simple things and does not ask for anything more. They are happy and satisfied with whatever the owner provides to them. 

10) Selfless 

Dogs are simple-minded selfless creatures. They don’t have any special demands. They are happy getting the basic necessities. They never expect something in return of favor and also never take away from you for their own benefit. It’s their humans, always!


11) Dogs are awesome

Dogs are awesome. They fill you with hopes, friendliness, and awesomeness. One can learn a lot from a dog. If you want to live a life happy and wanna stay healthy and fit. Your fur baby can help you.