Why Does My Pet Sleep Like This And What Does It Mean? Let’s Find Out!

Why Does My Pet Sleep Like This And What Does It Mean? Let’s Find Out! - Wiggles.in

How many times have you noticed your pet sleeping in a weird position? We’re sure you couldn't help laughing or even take a picture and share it. But did you know that each sleeping position can actually mean something? Let’s find out what these sleeping cat and dog positions mean! 

But before that, our Veterinarians have something to say -  There isn’t enough research on dog or cat sleeping positions and hence, there is no strong scientific reason behind the meaning of a dog or cat’s sleeping position. However, evolutionary and behavioral studies can point us in the direction of what an animal’s sleeping position could mean. 

  1. Belly In The Air 

When you can’t resist rubbing their bellies 

The position:

Paws and belly up in the air as if waiting for belly rubs from angels.

What does it mean?

When a dog sleeps on their back, they usually want to keep themselves cool, as they sweat through the paws. You may notice your pet sleeping like this, especially in the summer seasons. This is a very vulnerable position to sleep in and hence if your pet sleeps like this, it means they trust you completely. 

*Our expert Veterinarians say - This sleeping position is often seen in younger dogs. If a dog stops sleeping in this position, the pet parent should not assume that their pet doesn’t trust them anymore. They could stop sleeping like this due to old age problems like arthritis. 


Loving, trusting, comfortable in their surroundings and can take a nap anywhere. 

  1. Sit Up Straight  

A nap after a meal is a meow-st! 

The position: 

Sitting and sleeping, just like most of our Dads do after a heavy meal. 

What does it mean?

When a cat is sitting and sleeping, it usually means that your pet is taking a quick nap and is staying alert. Your pet won’t stay in this position for too long and will wake up or change their position within 15-20 minutes. When your pet sleeps in this position, they want to be able to wake up within a moment’s notice. 


Alert and not easily trusting. 

  1. Tongue Out 

Make their dream come true!

The position: 

A full sploot accompanied with their tongue out. Definitely dreaming of their favorite food or treats. 

What does it mean? 

This position often means that your pet is completely relaxed and is experiencing pure bliss. Most dogs keep their tongue out while sleeping to regulate their body temperature. It is very common to see dogs sleeping like this in the summer season

*Our expert Veterinarians say - If your pet keeps their tongue out more than usual and pants frequently, they may be experiencing dehydration. You must speak to your vet if you notice this and keep a watch for any other physical or behavioral changes. 


Playful, energetic and sometimes lazy. 

  1. On Your Back…Get Set….ZZZ 

DND, I’m catching my much-needed zzzs

The position: 

Sleeping on their back, front paws on the chest and back paws in the air. 

What does it mean?

Similar to ‘the belly in the air’, when your dog sleeps in the position, it means that they are very relaxed and trusting of their surroundings. However, if you find your dog sleeping on their back with their front paws curled and close to their chest, they could be indicating that they do not want to be disturbed. This dog sleeping position could also mean that they are trying to cool down. 


Goofy, protective and playful. 

  1. The Gymnast 

Gymnasts got nothing on me! 

The position: 

On their backs with hands and legs in all directions. The most adorable, common and weird sleeping position in cats. 

What does it mean? 

Although this position may look very uncomfortable to you, your cat is probably feeling quite relaxed. If you’re wondering what this sleeping position in cats means, animal behaviorists are thinking about the same too. However, it is safe to assume that your cat feels secure in their surroundings because when they’re sleeping in this position, they’re leaving their vital organs exposed. 


Playful, goofy and trusting. They may have a ‘dream’ (pun intended) to join the circus. 

Your cat’s or dog’s sleeping position’s meaning may not have a solid scientific backing but it does not mean that they are not super adorable. Comment below with the funniest or most adorable sleeping position of dogs and cats that you have come across! 

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