Why Do You Need an Emergency Care Kit for Your Pets?

Why Do You Need an Emergency Care Kit for Your Pets? - Wiggles.in

As humans, it is necessary for us to keep an emergency care kit ready for any untoward situations at home. We usually maintain a stock of medicines & instruments to face such conditions because you never know when a stressful situation will arise. Hence, we need to keep ourselves well prepared for such circumstances. 

When it comes to our pets, we become helpless. We start panicking because we are usually unaware of the symptoms & medicines. We get stressed because we are unable to judge the situation. Some common questions that run through our mind are “Why is my pet vomiting, why is he looking so lethargic & sad, why aren't they eating?” 

And we have no answers for it. The only way to treat these situations is to rely on a vet.

But sometimes, emergencies may strike at an odd hour and our vets may be unavailable. A situation can come up at midnight when you cannot have access to a vet. What would be your call in such a position? What would you do? How would you tackle such a situation?

Keeping these questions in mind, we have curated a list of basic medicines with the help of our vets, which will help you in emergency situations until your vet arrives.

What should be in your emergency kit for the pets? Why is it necessary?

  1. Wound Cleaner & Wound Healing Spray

Keeping an antiseptic liquid for your pet makes everything easy. Pets are like toddlers, they bite & scratch themselves all the time. These are some issues which you will encounter every now and then. Having an antiseptic solution will keep your furball free from any bacterial infection. Always try to invest in a good pet antiseptic, wound healing solution. 

Wound healing spray will help you to keep all their injuries at bay. We need our furry babies to recover quickly & keeping this handy is always a good idea!

  1. Cotton/Gauze Bandage 

Cotton & a gauze bandage is a must have in anyone’s first-aid. As we know, it is hard to put a band- aid on pets. It cannot stick to their skin or the wound. In such a scenario you need a proper cotton & gauze bandage which will stop bleeding & will prevent the wound from contaminating.

  1. Antipyretic

Pyresis is a medical term for fever. Many times you notice that your dog is dull and you can feel them getting warmer. We are not sure if they are feverish or not. Having a Digital Thermometer and a little technical knowledge (for example, a dog's normal body temperature is 101 - 102.5℉) will give you a heads-up on their health.  

Once you become aware of their condition, you can take your pet to your vet if they are still feeling unwell.

  1. Antiemetic  

Antiemetic is a medicine used in case of vomiting. Many times dogs start vomiting. The reasons? Due to acidity, bacterial or viral infection, sometimes due to indigestion, even parasitic infection or maybe just because of motion sickness. 

In such a situation, any pet parent will panic. But in such a scenario, having a call with the vet and keeping the medicines handy will ease your anxiety.

  1. Antidiarrheal

Sometimes an upset stomach, worm load in the stomach, over eating, stress or gastrointestinal diseases lead to loose motions or watery stools. It is a tricky situation especially when this happens during the night. It is difficult for vets to be there.

But if the medicine is available with you with all the details, then a call with the vet will resolve the problem easily!

  1. Anti-Allergic

Many times after a walk or during a play session your pet encounters an insect. And we know how our pets are! Their curiosity gets the better of them and the insect ends up biting them. Your pet suddenly develops a rash or swelling and to cure it, you will need an anti-allergic tablet. It can also be used in case of itching and mild cold. 

As pet parents, even if you are aware of the medicines, it is only logical to consult a vet before administering them. Always consult your vet since the dosage can vary from one pet to another. We hope these medicines will find a place in your pet’s emergency kit. It is time to protect your pets 24x7 and win that Best Pet Parent medal! If you need assistance regarding a pet emergency kit, don’t forget to call us on +91 8431620000!