Diwali 2020 - A Desi Dog's Perspective

Diwali 2020 - A Desi Dog's Perspective - Wiggles.in

My Dear Doggos & Hoomans,

Henlo, my name is Kaalu. Actually, my hoomans on the first floor call me Kaalu. My mother used to call me puppy. I don’t know where she is  because I last saw her when I was still a puppy. And since then, I haven’t seen her. But I vividly remember watching my hoomans cry while my mother was sleeping next to me. I wanted to play with her but she wasn’t waking up. Maybe she was too tired of the loud noises for the past 3 days. Who knows!

Anyway, my hoomans raised me. I don’t know why they love me so much. Maybe because I chase my tail. I only do that because they laugh with their teef out when they see me being goofy. I do it for them. You will be surprised to know that they also give me roti & doodh. At least that’s what they call it. I find it so yummy because it also fills my tummy. And unlike my other doggo frens, I don’t have to go to search for leftover food in the bin. But I won’t lie, the smell from the bin is really tempting!!!

But something strange happened this time. I turned one & I was hoping to celebrate my borkday in peace. I had planned on sneaking out to the bin & give into my temptation. But like I said, something strange happened this time. I was sleeping under the shade of a tree & suddenly BOOM! I don't know where this sound came from but it felt like it happened right next to my ears. I tugged in my tail between my hind legs & ran as fast as I could. I didn’t care to see where I was running to but I just wanted to run away as far as possible. 

I was running & suddenly I saw Sheru & his goon doggos. They were standing 20 paws away & they were threatening me. I was backing off but they started running towards me. I was so scared & started looking for my hooman. I also barked hoping that they would hear me calling for them. But they were nowhere to be found. I kept running & barking. I turned around to see Sheru & his gang had stopped chasing me. I breathed a sigh of relief. I looked up & I saw so many hooooomans. I started sniffing but my nose couldn’t identify the scent. This was not my home. 

I kept sniffing to find some clue but I could only smell some doggo’s pee. Helpless, I went to this hooman who also smelled of a doggo. I was hoping he would know about my hoomans. But even though he smelled like a doggo, he threw a stone at me. It hit my legs & god swear, it hurt me so much. I cried but no one came to help me. I sat down in pain & licked my injury. And suddenly it struck me. What if I started chasing my tail again? 

So I did. I started chasing my tail hoping it would make these hooman happy. Hoping that they will tell my hooman about it & they will come to me. But I don’t know why, these hooman started kicking me. And then it happened again. BOOM! Although I can’t count, it happened too many times. I started running again. I don’t understand. I had left this BOOM behind but it somehow chased me till here. My ears were hurting. I was extremely scared & thirsty. But I had to outrun this BOOM. 

It had gotten dark by now. And I just couldn’t understand. This BOOM was everywhere!!! Wherever I ran, it chased me. By now I started missing my hoomans. I was crying & in pain but no one would help me. Why was no one helping me? And then, I found a bowl of water. My happiness knew no bounds. I lapped it up. As I was drinking it, I saw a hooman approaching me. But I showed him my teef to let him know I am not feeling safe. He paused for a few seconds. And then he did something unbelievable. 

He called me by my name. He called me Kaalu! Only god knows how he knew my name! I got excited & started chasing my tail again! And just like my hoomans, he also started laughing with his teef out! Oh my god, oh my god, he started giving me belly rubs. I was ticklish but I didn’t want him to stop. I licked his hooman paw to let him know that I love him. And then he moved his paw towards my neck & found something. I don’t care what he found because I was receiving belly rubs & that made me super happy! 

He started talking. Not to me of course. I know how hoomans talk to me. He was talking in some other language. I didn’t understand much. He must have been happy because I saw his teef. After an eternity of belly rubs, I smelled something. My ears popped. My nose got activated. I know this scent.

“Kaalu!!!” someone screamed. I turned my head around. Sniffed again. And I knew. My hoomans. My hoomans found me!!!! They must have heard about my tail chasing ritual. Smol hooman took me in her arms & started kissing me. I also returned the favor by licking her cheeks. Mumma hooman was dropping water from her eyes. I don’t know why. But since I was thirsty again, I licked it. It didn’t taste the same but I was happy to have her! 

My hoomans & the belly rub hooman started talking. Again, I couldn’t understand much but I think they exchanged sweets. I could smell it. And then they put something back on my neck. I don’t know what this is but it is itchy. My hooman tied it around my neck. I hate it but I have to wear it because I love my hooman a lot. 

Finally we were in the car. How do I know about it, you ask? Oh, I once puked on the backseat. That’s how I know about it. Surprisingly, the BOOM was still chasing me. I could hear it. And I think my hooman knew I was scared. Because whenever I was scared, she would hold me close. I could feel the warmth. I felt safe. Now that I come to think of it, I believe it was the same BOOM that my mother was scared of. But instead of running, she slept to its noise. I never saw her again but I found my hooman. My forever hooman.

Okay now, I am enjoying my doodh roti. Brb. 

1 year old Pupper, Kaalu.