3 Ways To Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday Party

3 Ways To Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday Party - Wiggles.in

Looking for easy ideas to celebrate your pet’s birthday? Look no further. 

Birthdays are important milestones in all our lives and when they are our pets’ birthdays, they become all the more important! There are plenty of easy ways to celebrate your dog or cat’s birthday but honestly, there’s nothing else that would make their birthday special more than your love and company. 

Here are 3 ways you can celebrate your pet’s birthday party! 


  1. Invite your pet’s friends

A party needs people and a dog party needs other dogs! Send your dog’s friends and their humans a birthday party invite (use upcycled materials or send a digital invite to keep it eco-friendly). Plan some games and activities, ensure you have pet-friendly snacks and you have yourself a pet-friendly birthday party! Avoid playing loud music as pets have a hearing ability that is 4x stronger than ours. Loud music can be extremely disturbing to them. 

If you cannot organize your dog’s birthday party at home, go to a pet-friendly place that can organize one for you! Since it's summer you can take the birthday gang for a pool party! Look for a place that is equipped with caretakers and is spacious enough for the little ones to run, swim and have fun. 

Cat birthday parties aren’t hard to plan either! Since most cats like to keep it low-key, you can call some of your best friends over, bake a cake for your cat and throw them a little party. You can also make a birthday party hat for your cat with paper and strings to make them feel special. But please don’t force your cat to wear the hat if they don’t like it. 

A precautionary warning: Be careful while lighting a candle for your pet’s birthday cake as fire could be dangerous and some pets are afraid.  


  1. Plan a day dedicated to them

Every pet is different and some may not enjoy parties. They just like the company of their humans and that is completely normal. Instead of organizing a party, dedicate their birthday to them by spending the day doing all their favourite activities. Does your dog like playing in the park? Spend some extra hours in the park or take them to a newer or bigger park. If your cat loves treats, make them a small cake with their favourite treats. Take them to a pet store to pick a new toy, take them for a walk on a new trail, play a lot of games or plan a movie night. Maybe even try catnip, but do so only after checking with your veterinarian. Do all the things your pet enjoys doing and they will have the best day because they got to spend it with their favourite person. 



The most important element for your pet’s birthday party is you! 

  1. Gift them a spa day

An easy and relaxing way to celebrate your dog’s birthday is to gift them a day at the grooming salon. Pamper them with a relaxing bath, massage and blow-dry. You can also gift your pet a new haircut for their birthday. End the day with a delicious meal, some of their favorite treats and cuddle time on the couch. 


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