10 Things Dogs Hate

10 Things Dogs Hate - Wiggles.in

1) Loud Noises:

Dogs find loud noises like thunder, lightning and loud sounds from vehicles, crackers, very stressful and it can trigger fearful reactions in them. You can help allay their fears by indulging them in a bit of play like a fetch or tugging game, giving rewards for calm behavior, giving a chew toy or even distracting them by playing calm & soothing music to muffle the loud sounds. Often an earmuff, a snug dog shirt can be used as well. Choose to use calming devices in normal conditions occasionally so that your dog has a positive association with them.

2) Odors & Strong Smells:

Canines have a sense of smell that is 40 times better developed compared to humans. They are endowed with a great smelling memory.

Some smells which dogs hate include vinegar, chillies, nail polish and alcohol, chlorine and cleaning products. The essential oils from citrus fruits can cause irritation in the animal’s respiratory tract, which can be unbearable to them. The odors that we term as repelling may be of great interest to dogs, as their sense of smell is completely different from humans.

3) Over-Cleaning the Dog:

Are you someone too fussy about your pet’s hygiene? Dogs have their own ways of natural immunity. So, perhaps over-cleaning may not be such a good idea.

Different dog breeds have different needs and tolerance for bathing and cleaning. It is wise to check with your veterinarian as to the specific needs of your dog.

And when there is water scarcity or if your pet thinks bathing in water is not his idea of fun, there are waterless bath products available to keep your dog clean.

4) Stares:

Dogs can communicate through their eyes and they are able to interpret stares in many ways as per their own nature. If a shy and timid dog is stared in the eyes by a human or even another dog for too long, they may feel nervous and intimidated, whereas a dominant dog may feel challenged and become aggressive. However, eye contact with a dog that you have bonded with can also make them show unconditional love.

5) Hurrying While Walking Your Dog:

Picture this, you are having a stressful day, you have a lot on your mind, and you must squeeze in time for the mandatory dog walk with your pet. You cannot avoid it and yet you must rush to work as well. So, you go about walking and half dragging your dog across the street. And your pet is happily sniffing every flower and every bush along the way! In such a scenario one can imagine how you try to juggle with things.

Dogs love their walk a little too much. They seriously hate to be rushed through their leisure time. Having a dog is a responsibility for a lifetime. Make sure to give them love and care.

6) Sudden Changes:

Dogs may prefer routine as dogs learn by association. Hence, if they have a set routine, they feel less anxious. This can help in shaping their behavior as well as keep them well-adjusted in cases where they are alone. Whereas in sudden changes, like life-altering events, the dogs may act out as they do not understand what is happening around them. Having consistency with a little bit of flexibility in training can help them in coping through stressful changes around them. It will train your dog to be adjusting and accommodating in different life situations.

7) Patting on The Head:

For dogs patting on the head is the kind of petting that is threatening. There is a certain way to pet a dog. Instead of moving your hand over the top of the dog’s head, pet the dog on the chest, shoulder or base of the neck. Dogs feel less threatened if they are approached sideways and at their level.

8) Doggy Clothing:

Dogs don’t understand the need for clothing or accessories, not do they care much about it other than the novelty factor. It makes them curious and nervous. You may spend all you want to indulge your pet dog but from their perspective, they couldn’t care much for them.

Although, some short fur dogs may feel warm with coats and shoes in extremely cold weather. Clothes sometimes may cause friction and tend to hurt them so ensure that there are no hazards.

9) Boredom:

Dogs hate boredom. As the famous saying goes “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. Dogs need activity and if a dog has none it can become destructive and frustrating. It may bark too much and resort to chewing excessively. Dogs need engagement and daily activities to occupy them. Introduce the dog to new people, spend some time to play with them and schedule some behavior training as well which keeps them not only physically but also mentally alert.

10) Too Much Talking:

Dogs are generally social beings and would be happy with some attention. After all, no one likes to be neglected. With the advent of mobile phones conversations between humans have dropped and become virtual, so dogs hate when you are on the phone for too long. It is only fair that they long for some human company.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” -Josh Billings