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Seperation Anxiety Training Camp

Seperation Anxiety Training Camp

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Ease your pet's separation anxiety issues and leave them feeling comfortable at home.

Ease your pet's separation anxiety issues and leave them feeling comfortable at home.

What Your Pet Gets

Sit & stay commands

Understanding separation anxiety

Pet & parent bond strengthening

Crate training

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  •  Training slots can be booked from 9 am to 8 pm (Monday to Sunday) *Depending on availability
  • Pets of all ages can learn
  • Pet parents attendance mandatory for training sessions                          
  • Pet parents should be physically fit (To handle physical activities)        
  • Children below 14 years of age not allowed during training sessions        
  • Pregnant, injured or pets with ticks not eligible to enroll for program          
  • Each pet may deal with the training for their anxiety issues differently. (Extra sessions might be required)
  • Every detail related to pet has to be shared with the trainer before starting the program
What is included in the Training?

Session 1

  • Building your relationship with your pet
  • Understanding the type of separation anxiety and tackling it accordingly
  • Working on sit and stay commands
  • Introducing crate training/puppy pen
  • Using calming music to work on separation anxiety

Session 2

  • Using interactive toys to work on separation anxiety
  • Importance of discontinuing greetings with your dog
  • Working on out of sight sit and stay commands
  • Transitioning from one room to another
  • Steps to increase the time interval of your dog being alone

Session 3

  • Getting your dog ready for actual separation from you
  • Methods and techniques to ease separation reaction
  • Things/objects necessary to work with separation anxiety