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Customized Diet Plan

Customized Diet Plan


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Healthy Meal Plans

A complete and balanced diet plan tailor made to match your pet's growing needs.

Healthy Meal Plans

A complete and balanced diet plan tailor made to match your pet's growing needs.

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What is Custom Diet Plans? believes that healthy pets are indeed happy pets. And to ensure that your pets eat healthy & stay fit, we have introduced Custom Diet Plans for cats & dogs. Each pet is unique & needs undivided attention when it comes to their food. Our in-house experts conduct a thorough checkup of your pets & based on the results, we curate a diet that is balanced & nutritious. Our vet-approved Custom Diet Plans will help your pets tackle issues like obesity, malnourishment, hypothyroidism etc & when followed religiously and will keep them in the pink of health!

Is veterinarian consultation compulsory before I can opt for a Custom Diet Plan?

A veterinarian consultation is compulsory before you can opt for a Custom Diet Plan as it gives our team better insights into the issues, deficiency (if any) & needs of your pet. This way, our nutrition experts can come up with an effective Custom Diet Plan, to suit the needs as well as the taste of your pet while also taking into account any pre-existing issues like allergies, gluten & lactose intolerance etc.

Do I need to consult a veterinarian from or can I consult any other veterinarian as well?

A consultation with our in-house veterinarians is mandatory as it helps us to curate Custom Diet Plans for your pets. An in-house veterinarian consultation is included if you choose to take a Custom Diet Plan with us.

Do I need to produce any kind of prescription to avail the Custom Diet Plan?

No, our veterinarians will consult with you before preparing a Custom Diet plan for your pet. If you need to share any specific prescription, you can share prescriptions and/or any previous diagnosis with our veterinarians to help them understand your pet better.

How is the diet plan sent to me?

The diet plan will be sent to you via email (on your registered email ID) and for your convenience, it will also be sent through WhatsApp on your registered mobile number. If you happen to change your mobile number or email ID, please edit your details under 'My Profile' once you have logged in to your account.

Who makes these Custom Diet Plans?

The Custom Diet Plans are crafted by our in-house veterinary and nutritional experts after carefully understanding your pet's health, nutritional needs, any existing allergies & ailments. A prior consultation allows our in-house team to better understand your pet's age, breed, season, lactation status to curate the ideal diet plan for your pet.